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ElectraCute is out of Hustler 969 x La Nova Cowgirl CPL. Her DOB is 6/9/2016. She is a beautiful and very sweet heifer.
Gettin Tipsy

Gettin Tipsy

Gettin' Tipsy is out of SoDak x BH Moon Pie. Her DOB is 8/10/2021. She is a beautiful and very sweet heifer.


Mamacita is out of SoDak x LA Fusion Cowgirl CPL. Her DOB is 7/12/2020. She is a beautiful and very sweet heifer.


KaraOkie is out of Electric Cowboy x Behati. Her DOB is 5/1/2021. She is a beautiful and very sweet heifer.


Slickernchit is out of BERETTA 531 x Solo. Her DOB is 3/12/2022. Very feminine heifer. Wowza, what a pedigree!!

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We focus our bulls around being "the complete animal." We pride ourselves in raising and maintaining herd sires with proven production qualities. The impressive structure of our bulls is second to none.


At RW Longhorns, we focus on breeding for tradition with superior genetics in our registered Texas Longhorn cattle. We are very selective in what we add to our herd and proud of each and every cow.


Each of our heifers has the potential to be the next class winner or top-producer in your herd. We are excited about the future of our RW Longhorn bred heifers and continue to focus on the qualities that make Longhorns so special.

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"I didn't grow up in agriculture. I fell in love with Texas Longhorns the moment that first cow ate out of my hand. It feels amazing to have come this far! And we did it ourselves, a little at a time."

Maranda Webb

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